Low Carb Power Breakfast

“And no toast. A side salad instead.” I say finishing up my breakfast order. No toast, no hash browns, no sugary fruit, thanks. And yes, I know it’s an up-charge.

It’s like I’m from a different planet, someplace where eggs (and sometimes bacon) are not joined by their expected accompaniment: toast. But have you ever asked why we automatically accept or make ourselves a side of toast with breakfast? If you’re honest, toast is really not that exciting, is it? So why are so many Americans carb-ing up on something so unsatisfying at breakfast? Do they think that the bread will keep them going through the morning? Instead, it instantly turns into simple sugars in the bloodstream, spikes blood sugar and therefore insulin, causing a brief high and then, potentially, a crash, especially if you just had toast and skipped the protein and fat which would keep you full and burn more slowly. No, toast might be as American as apple pie, but it’s no more nutritious.

Face it: toast is just a habit.

If you really want to power up your day, try this breakfast at home: two eggs over easy and raw power green salad (recipe below).

Powergreen Salad for 1


  • 2 cups power greens (baby spinach and baby kale, usually)
  • 1 tsp evoo (extra virgin olive oil–pick one that tastes good to you!)
  • a few squeezes of lemon (to taste)
  • sea salt to taste

Combine ingredients in a bowl with a lid. Shake. Serve on a plate next to your eggs, meat, or tofu or sardines or whatever protein and fat source is healthy for you. Enjoy!!

Salad for breakfast? Readers, weigh in!

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